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School Clutter Clear Out

Today was the last day of school for 2016 for our kids and they return home from a year of learning with all of their ‘stuff’.  So much stuff!

If you ever thought that having a baby created alot of ‘stuff’ in your house, just wait until they’re school age and watch the piles begin to appear.  And grow, and grow.

In approximately 55 days time, they will return again to the classroom with their shiny new piles of ‘stuff’ that you’ll have bought, labelled and laminated.

Crazy as it sounds, my back-to-school prep begins tonight, tackling the piles and jobs that often get put on hold.  Doing it now means that when it’s time to spend nights on end in January labelling socks and covering books, our 2016 ‘stuff’ & clutter is out of the way.

The golden rules to making this work is to:

1) Streamline/double up on your jobs – anything that can be done together at the same time, do it!

2) Touch each item only once.  If you pick it up – deal with it straight away.


End Of School Clutter Clear Out List

  • Hang their Christmas cards in their rooms (the kids and I will do this tomorrow, tonight I’ve just helped them sort their cards into piles ready to put up with blutak). (10 minutes)
  • Put up the decorations/cards and gifts they’ve bought and made for you.  As well as any awards or Christmas photos they’ve come home with. Each of my kids has a felt pin up board in their room and I’ve simply swapped out and filed some older items from there. (10 minutes)
  • Clean any laminated charts that you need for next year.  Especially the THRASS chart which will be filthy.  A quick spray with eucalyptus & a wipe and it’s ready for next year (2 minutes).
  • Disinfect headphones – a quick wipe with eucalyptus should do the trick.  (1 minute)
  • File all the work you’re going to keep/throw all the work you’re not.  I have a large expanda file for each child and put all their special pictures, drawings and items in there. (At the end of the year/start of next year, I’ll go through it and cull 2016 to keep only what I really want and scan into the computer or throw away the things I don’t.  I find it too hard to do it as it comes in, I never know which pictures are going to be the ones worth keeping until I can compare them all. I also do the same for workbooks, I’ll keep one or two but for now, I put them all into a box to sort at the start of the new year when we can go through and reflect on them). (5 minutes).
  • Copy and laminate any resources that have come home that you’d like to put up in their homework nook.  Such as their names, school logins, alphabets, number charts, left and right reminders.  I copy and re-laminate these because the ones that come home are usually a bit ragged around the edges. (5 minutes).
  • Empty and wash lunch-boxes, lunch cooler bags & school bags (inside & out)  with hot soapy water.  I do this in my kitchen with an Enjo cloth, dishwashing detergent and a towel on the floor.  A quick scrub and they’re now hanging on the washing line to air out overnight. Remove all bag tags as well – Santa has new bag labels for their stockings this year, the ones I’m keeping, I’ve given a quick wipe over to freshen up.   (5-10 minutes) **Streamlining here – I also give my stroller a scrub and remove the seat cover to throw into the washing machine.**
  • Wash all hats, take home bags and library bags.  I throw all of mine into the machine in delicates bags.  My stroller seat is also in the machine with this load. (5 minutes to sort, 5 minutes to hang).
  • Wash or throw out their nap-time cushion (for Kindy/Pre-Primary age). (1 minute)
  • Polish or throw out school shoes.  One pair I’ve kept as they’re only new so I’ve polished them up for next year and the others I’ve thrown straight out as they were just about falling apart.  (1 minute)
  • Read through and scan or file the school reports.  Follow the ‘pick it up only once’ rule.  Don’t forget to celebrate their achievement! (5 minutes)
  • Sort and store their stationary into the cupboard.  Test texta’s, sharpen pencils and throw out anything you don’t need to keep.  (15 minutes)
  • Put away all empty workbooks – these can be sent to school next year or used at home to practice homework. (1 minute)
  • Strip wash school socks. The soap build-up from washing can leave them feeling hard and crunchy, a strip wash 1-2 x per year will get them feeling fresher and softer.  Method – Soak in napisan, launder on a normal wash with regular laundry soap.  This is to remover dirt & stains. Launder once more with a tiny squirt of dishwashing detergent (but NO laundry soap!) and put some vinegar into the rinse dispenser.  Run a rinse cycle 1-2 times to remove the soap build up and dry indoors on a rack to keep their newly returned softness (10 minutes plus time in machine).

Hopefully that helps you clear out the clutter that comes home from school this year a head start into your back-to-school prep for next year.

Let me know if you have any tips or routines you follow to stay on top of the end of year ‘stuff’… I’d love to hear it!

Rebecca xx

Decluttering 101 – The Rules Organised Mums Swear By

Clutter comes with the territory of having a family.  Plain and simple.  It’s a little known phenomenon that tags along as you enter into parenthood. A new baby arrives, you buy stuff, you’re given stuff and all of a sudden, you no longer have time to sort through stuff or stay on top of all the stuff!

The ‘stuff’ around you begins to build up.  Then the next baby arrives and the jumbles of piles begin to grow.  And grow.  Closets that may once have been viewed as being useful spaces quickly become places you’re afraid to venture into as the boxes of memorabilia/little-used toys/gadgets/board-games/half-finished-projects have found a way to breed and multiply.

A build up of clutter equals stress.  It equals chaos and disorganisation.  It can sometimes feel like it’s gone way too far that you just don’t know where to start to get back on top of it all again.  That feeling simply means it’s time to declutter.  Actually, every day is a good day to declutter.  TODAY is a good day to declutter!


The secret to decluttering is to do little and often.  Make it part of your daily ritual and before you know it, you’ll be sorting like a pro, have the confidence to cut down from six fondue sets to two and be able to say without hesitation “It’s in the back cupboard, on the left, bottom shelf”.  No more duplicated items and no more wasting money or time searching or replacing what you already have.

Here are my Top 10 Rules to get on top of the chaos and start reorganising your life:

  1. Follow the 80/20 Rule.  You’ll use 20% of your possessions 80% of the time.  Keep this 20% easily accessible and allocate logical spaces to store the rest of your items.  Be sure to group like items together.
  2. Only handle items once. If it doesn’t belong on a bench, find a place for it or get rid of it.  Do it, Deal with it or Donate it.
  3. Follow the ‘Rule of 5’.  Every time you leave a room, take 5 things with you that need to be put away, thrown out or given away.
  4. Embrace digital storage!  Get rid of bulky manuals and download digital versions that you can store on your computer.
  5. Choose a small project once a week and break that project up into smaller daily tasks.  Kitchen cupboards need a spring clean?  Do one drawer, one cupboard a day and it’ll be done in no time!
  6. Immediately recycle or throw out any junk mail/paperwork that you don’t need.  Don’t let it build up.  Assess what’s been lying around that you plan to ‘get to eventually’ (brochures, flyers, etc) and be honest – if it’s not really that important, get rid of it and free yourself up to do something that will ultimately matter more to you in the end.
  7. Plus One/Minus One – This rule applies to all new items entering the house.  Whenever you purchase or receive something new, remove something similar from your current closet or toy collection.
  8. Don’t get swamped by memorabilia.  Use expanding files to store kids certificates, letters and the drawings you want to keep.  Photograph kids artwork you want to keep but may not want the original and set up a memorabilia box for yourself to start keeping all those sentimental bits and pieces together in one place.
  9. Search websites such as Pinterest, Howards Storage World and Google for inspiration on how to store and organise areas around the house.  In this day and age, if you have problem, chances are someone’s already solved it, photographed it and blogged about it!
  10. Prepare for birthdays and Xmas by doing a total clean out of the kids toys, books and clothes.  If you do this regularly, by the time the holiday season rolls around, you’ll have space to put everything quickly away without stress of trying to find more space.

Happy Sorting!