As a mother of three small children, I know only too well how being present in the ‘real’ world can quickly become lost in all the chaos. How exhilarating and suffocating it can be all at the same time. Whatever type of mother you are, whatever else you’re balancing in life, whether you’re a working mum, or a stay-at-home mum, each and every one will be juggling a million different hats all at once.

This is my personal website exploring my journey through motherhood and is dedicated to helping mums like you and I create more space to simply breathe and be. To enjoy the moments and really thrive with their children, rather than simply survive. It’s also a place to celebrate and share some of my thoughts and favourite things in life, because that’s exactly what life is – it’s beautiful, whimsical and magical.

A wife, mother of three, Australian Author and together with my husband, an entrepreneur overseeing several businesses, means I wear a lot of different hats. We’ve created a multi-million dollar enterprise, which includes everything from martial arts and motivational speaking to Defence Force and corporate programs.  In 2011, I was an inaugural inductee into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame for my work with the Bali Peace Park Association and I have a passion for empowering change through charitable projects but most of all, a passion for my children. A self-confessed organising addict, I love nothing more than being on the beach with my kids, and enjoying every stage of their all too fleeting childhood.

I believe that you CAN have it all. Sure, there’s compromise involved, that’s a part of life, part of being in this wonderful place called ‘grown-up land’ but if you have systems in place that support you and have your priorities focused on what’s really important, you can begin to create space in your life.

Space for you, space for your partner and for your children.

I aim to empower women through their journey by providing quick tools and tips that can be applied directly into their everyday live, allowing access to ideas that you can then take away and consider what will work best for you and your particular circumstances.

This is your journey. Your life. Your opportunity to breathe.

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