I’m all about creating space in order to live a more fulfilled life. But as every parent knows, it can be incredibly hard to find that ‘space’ with all the clutter that comes when you have kids.


There’s no such thing as having more ‘time’.  We each have a finite number of hours in the day.  And these hours can either work for you or demotivate your minute by minute as you find yourself playing catch up all day.

The key to getting ahead is simply a matter of getting more organised.

Follow the steps below every night and not only will you find that you start the day on the right foot, but you may also find yourself inspired to start organising other areas of your life!

Ten Simple Tasks You Can Do To Prepare The Night Before

  1. Spend 15 minutes every night picking up and putting things away. Clearing up regularly not only helps you stay on top of the organization but also safe-guards against spending hours later searching for that long lost toy your toddler simply ‘must’ have.
  2. Handle all paperwork only once. Don’t simply shuffle papers around, fill it in or file it away! I have a filing system in place where I put all non-urgent items for later reference and deal with all important paperwork there and then. I use the scheduling application with my online banking so that bills are entered and dealt with as soon as they are received and all of the kids school or activity paperwork is completed and put back into their bags ready to be returned the next day.
  3. Go through your To-Do list and shortlist for the next day. I like to stay organized electronically and have my devices synced with a number of lists. This way, I can always check and update on the go. I make it a priority the night before to scan through my list and make sure that I have all the necessary items ready to go – drycleaning, mail, prescriptions that I may need while out and about running errands and have them all ready with my bag.
  4. Unpack and repack your bag. Whether it’s a nappy bag, kids backpack or handbag, doing this every night means that you’ll never loose important papers or be caught without wipes again!
  5. Fold and put away the washing every night. Don’t let it pile up. Even with one child, the amount of laundry you end up doing is staggering. Add in a few more and it quickly becomes a very time consuming job if you don’t stay on top of it.
  6. Fill the washing machine with dirty clothes and powder ready to turn on first thing in the morning. Kids come with a mountain of laundry. The best way to stay on top of it is to turn it on first thing in the morning and having it set up that all you have to do is push a button means that I’m always one step ahead.
  7. Clear your kitchen dishes. There’s something so refreshing about coming into a kitchen that has a clean slate in the morning. Coffee anyone?
  8. Prepare kids lunchboxes and vitamins. One less thing to worry about the next morning!
  9. Clear out your email inbox from any junk mail, unsubscribe where you can and jot down or flag any items that need attending to in the morning.
  10. Spend 15 – 20 minutes winding down and reading in bed. Always end the night doing something just for you and you’ll feel as if you accomplished far more during the day than if you simply focus meeting everyone else’s needs.

What tasks do you routinely do to prepare for the next day? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Trace

    We make the boys sandwiches with fresh loaf on Sunday, individually glad wrap and into freezer. Each school morning no sandwich making and the defrost fine by lunchtime, never had one complaint from my boys ! We swear by it 🙂



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